What is SUB ROSA?

With SUB ROSA you can receive mail without having to reveal your identity.

SUB ROSA is unique. We are not another mail order or delivery shop. We offer you complete anonymity when receiving parcels. No one else can do that!

We are an Austrian company that finally gives you the opportunity to receive parcels anonymously.



Anonymity is self-protection.
  • You don't want to give your real name and address to a private seller or an online shop.
  • This way, no detailed purchase profile can be created of you.
  • You keep your digital footprint small.

Data protection

Data is the gold of the digital age in the hands of large corporations
  • This way, you no longer have to worry about data leaks or hacker attacks.
  • Companies often fail to protect your personal data.
  • You can't really control how well and how long your data is stored by companies.

Data sovereignty

Self-determination over your data must become the standard
  • You consciously decide which data you want to give to whom.
  • You critically question how much data is really needed and how much is only collected for analysis and resale.

How does

What is important?