• Because your personal data is important to you.
    As soon as your data is stored somewhere, there is a risk that it will be misused. Almost every day there are reports about data protection scandals, data leaks and hacker attacks. We don't ask for your data.
  • You can contact us by e-mail, Wickr, Threema, Signal or Telegram, or simply call us.
    Of course you can also visit us in person. Here you can find our opening hours and where to find us.
  • Of course! We are happy to inform and help during our opening hours.


  • Start here and fill out the form. You will receive your own private pick-up code and a request code. You will need to save this pick-up code. You can send us the request code via email, Wickr Me, Signal, Threema or Telegram.

    We will then send you a payment order. After you have paid, you will receive a pseudonym from us, which you can use to have a parcel sent to us. When the package arrives, you can collect it with your pick-up code.
  • 1. Where you would like to pick up your shipment (Vienna or Judenburg)
    2. Whether we should accept your shipment even if the packaging is damaged
    3. How you would like to pay
  • We currently have two shops: One in Vienna and one in Judenburg (Styria). You can choose which location is better suited for you directly in the order form.
  • We currently offer PayPal, bank transfer, Bitcoin, Monero and cash payment (cash payment only in person at one of our shops).
  • With most transport companies (e.g. DHL, DPD, Hermes, etc.), acceptance of a damaged shipment must be refused, as otherwise the right of cancellation/returnal expires. Since we naturally do not know what the contents of your order are, you must state your preference at this point.
    For example, if you ordered clothes (or other non-breakable goods), it should not matter to you if the packaging is damaged. However, if the goods are fragile, you will probably want to exercise your right of withdrawal. This is exactly why we need to know if we should refuse to accept your shipment.
  • Yes, you can.
    But this is only possible if you send us the pick-up code. Only once we have it, can we cancel the pseudonym and deactivate it.
  • As we do not create an individual contract with each person, we use General Terms and Conditions (GTC).
    We know that hardly anyone reads GTCs because they are often long and difficult to understand. That is why we have tried to formulate them as clearly as possible. We want to explain our services to you as detailed and well as possible - so that you know exactly what SUB ROSA stands for and you can make an informed decision about whether you want to use our services.

QR codes

  • A pick-up code is generated to link your payment to the pseudonym. It is the only proof that you have actually purchased the pseudonym and are entitled to receive the package.
    The pick-up code is only generated directly during the order process and displayed on your device. It is therefore essential that you save it well, otherwise you will NOT be able to receive your package.
  • The pick-up code is the last step before you receive your parcel. If we receive it before then, the security of the code is no longer granted and we can no longer guarantee the safe release of the parcel.
    For your security, we will not create a pseudonym if you send us the pick-up code by mistake, but ask you to simply generate a new code.
  • We would like to store as little data as possible on our server. Therefore, we cannot fully automate the ordering process. You must therefore send the request yourself so that we can generate the payment order securely without having to generate and store additional data.
    As a member of our staff is involved in this process, there may be a short delay before we respond to your request, especially outside our opening hours. We kindly ask for your patience.
  • This way you can be sure that there really is no connection to any server and that the private collection code is not stored anywhere else but on your device.
    For maximum security, we recommend that you load the page and switch to flight mode before filling out the form.


  • Yes, the pseudonym is fictitious, so it can't live anywhere. If you do not specify SUB ROSA, the postmen may return the mail because they cannot find this person at this address.
  • In Austria, the Postal Market Act stipulates that a sender must be indicated on parcels.
  • No.
    Because you have to contact us to get a pseudonym in the first place. We only accept mailings with an active and valid pseudonym.
  • Unfortunately, it happens from time to time that an item is lost in transit. If this happens to your item, you were unable to use our service. In this case, we will refund you the money you paid for our service (minus the transfer fee).
  • That shouldn't really happen :) but if it does, get in touch with us quickly and we'll find a solution.
  • Because SUB ROSA is cool - and we think you should get your money back if you can't use our service after all.
    Please note that we need the valid pick-up code as proof.


  • Yes, that's no problem at all!
    Every person who shows the correct pick-up code and can name the pseudonym will receive your mail item.
  • As standard, we offer storage for 30 calendar days from the date of receipt of the postal item. Please note that only the first 14 days are included in the price. From the 15th day onwards, we charge a storage fee of € 5.00, which is to be paid in cash directly upon collection of the mail item.
  • We incur storage costs for every day that your mail is stored with us. However, we do not want to earn money by storing your mail (but with our ingenious business idea of being able to receive parcels anonymously). Therefore, after more than 14 working days, we only charge you € 5.00 to cover our storage costs. We think that's fair.
  • No, this is not possible. To collect the parcel, we absolutely need the pick-up code and the corresponding pseudonym. This is the only way to prove that you are entitled to receive the parcel.
    We do not have the name of the recipient of the parcel. Therefore, the pick-up code and the pseudonym are the only proof of authorisation. The fact that we do not release the parcel without the pick-up code is for your own protection: this way we can prevent an unauthorised person from picking up your mail item.
  • No.
    If you lose the pick-up code, your mail item CANNOT BE RELEASED! We absolutely need the pick-up code as proof of eligibility.
    We do not have the name of the recipient of the parcel. Therefore, the pick-up code is the only proof. The fact that we do not release the parcel without the pick-up code is for your own protection: this way we can prevent an unauthorised person from picking up your mail item.
  • Get in touch! If you know that pick-up is not possible within the deadline, please inform us so that we can find a solution. Otherwise, the package will be treated as unclaimed.
  • We are NOT a shipping or delivery company and cannot return the package to the sender.
    If you do not collect your package within the collection period, it becomes our property. We will then take care of its proper disposal.

Data protection

  • As long as your shipment has not been collected, the data known to us must be stored: Your payment information and your contact details.
    If you pay cash and do not leave a contact, we do not store any data. However, if you pay by bank transfer, we know your bank details (which are stored by our bank), and if you pay by Paypal, we know your email address, which is stored by Paypal.
  • After collecting your shipment, we delete all the data we have stored.
    Due to our backup system, it can take up to 7 days for your digital data to be completely deleted from our system. However, keep in mind that banks or other payment providers may have stored your data for longer.