How to activate your block card

  • Activate

    On the outside of each block card is a public QR code

    Send us a picture of it via a communication channel of your choice.



    +43 681 2020 5116


    +43 681 2020 5116





    As we do not want to store customer data on our server, we cannot fully automate the process. You must therefore actively contact us and receive the payment information.

  • Pseudonym

    You will receive a pseudonym from us.

    for example:

    Susi Sorgsam

    You can now use the pseudonym and our address as the delivery address for your shipment:

    z.H. Susi Sorgsam
    Blumauergasse 23/3
    1020 Wien, AUSTRIA

    We only guarantee anonymous receival. How or what you order and what data you leave behind is your responsibility.

  • Pick-Up

    As soon as we receive your shipment, you can pick it up with the code on the inside of the block card.

    If we have a contact from you, we will inform you as soon as your shipment has arrived.

    No parcel without a pick-up code!

    Every person who can give us the pseudonym and show us the pick-up code will receive the parcel.